We are dedicated to supporting community programs that work to improve the lives of residents in the communities we serve.

KDB Caring4Community


We are dedicated to supporting community programs that work to improve the lives of residents in the communities we serve.


We talk a lot about our mission here at Kids Dental Brands. We believe all children deserve access to high quality dental care in a fun and upbeat environment, regardless of their family income. This mission is weaved throughout our business and guides decision-making daily. We wanted to bring this mission to life in our community, to have more direct impact in the communities we serve outside the walls of our dental office. So, the mission of Kids Dental Brands was brought to life through our Caring4Community program.

Our Caring4Community campaign offers nonprofit organizations and schools the ability to win money to support their programs as well as spread awareness of their mission and financial needs. We’ve donated close to $300,000 since the development of our Caring4Community program, benefiting schools and nonprofit organizations in NC, MS, TX, KS, MO, and AZ.

To date, there have been over 175,000 visits to our website to learn about this mission and cast a vote for the school or nonprofit of their choosing. This campaign has been shared by countless individuals and brands on social media and featured on local news and radio.

Beyond the Contest

But, this isn’t all. Caring4Community is more than a single campaign.

Caring4Community is the donations we make to schools and family organizations all year long, the families we sponsor over the holidays, the students that benefit from our mobile dentistry program, the toothbrushes and dental hygiene supplies we donate, the volunteerism of our doctors and team, the free and reduced-cost dentistry we provide, and so much more. It’s being a practice that cares for our community while caring for our patients.

Just ask Gardner Gold Olympics, one of our recent Caring4Community winners:

C4C In Action

Southwest Rams Check Hand Off

As we select the organizations that make it to the top 9 in our Caring4Community campaigns, community nominations are the first deciding factor. However, it’s also our goal to align with organizations that serve families with young children, and to give the opportunity to organizations that will be genuinely uplifted by our donation.

We’ve been fortunate enough to get to know several smaller nonprofit organizations throughout these campaigns, such as Hunters Army in Yuma, AZ, The Carter Foundation in Meridian, MS, Angel Heart Pajama Project in Tucson, AZ, Elijah’s Closet in Biloxi, MS and the Foster Family Alliance in Mebane, NC.

Throughout each Caring4Community effort, big or small, our goal is to thread stronger relationships and create positive change in the communities we serve.

Extraordinary Efforts

Mobile Dentistry

Improving Access to Dental Care

Dental caries is the most common chronic disease in children aged 6-19 years. By age 6, over 50% of children have experienced treated or untreated dental caries. Cavities are preventable, and we know that our role in increasing access to preventative care in the communities we serve is an important one. Our mobile dentistry program works to disrupt the common barriers that prevent children from accessing preventative dental care.

We’re able to set up a portable dental clinic in a school, early childhood classroom, or community center and provide complete exams from radiographs to dental sealants. In 2024, we estimate that over 5,000 children will benefit from this program – including many without insurance who will receive critical preventative services. To learn more about our mobile dentistry program, contact

Local Relief

Responding to Local Emergencies

Jackson, MS experienced a water crisis in 2022 that dramatically limited their water supply. For many residents, they had no access to water at all. As expected, supplies of bottled water were quickly depleting leaving many without water to drink, make baby formula, or bathe and wash dishes. Most affected by this were the most vulnerable members of our community.

Our Mississippi Smiles offices decided that they needed to do something to help their neighbors. The Jackson Community Relations team worked with our other MS offices to develop a plan to secure as much water as possible from towns around Mississippi and drive it to Jackson. Our compassionate team players were able to secure 5 truckloads of water from around the state and drive it back to Jackson, giving it away from our parking lots to all who needed it.

Whether it’s large efforts like trucking water across a state, or smaller scale efforts like donations of care packages and hygiene items, we’re dedicated to caring for our community while caring for our patients.

Improving Health Outcomes

Dental Resource for Our Community

Dental caries is a preventable disease, and we’re on the front lines supporting the organizations that serve children and families to ensure they’re equipped with the resources they need. It may be presenting dental health in a fun way to preschoolers, conducting trainings for family advocates, or providing resources such as dental hygiene bags for home visitors – we are dedicated to doing our part to collaborate with local community organizations to improve health outcomes for the families we serve.