Recruitment Support

While each member of our team contributes significantly to the success of our practices and the well-being of our patients, our providers—Dentists and Orthodontists—play a pivotal role in ensuring the quality and efficiency of every operation. Our Recruitment team is dedicated to establishing meaningful connections with working providers and dental students nationwide. We aim to share insights about our practices and care while gaining a deeper understanding of their career aspirations in dentistry.

Fostering authentic relationships with students at various stages of their education is a key focus. Through initiatives like Lunch and Learns, Dental Fairs, and evening social events, we create opportunities for students to explore what distinguishes our practices and consider us as their preferred home for the early years of their dental careers.

Continuing conversations with our existing providers, organizing office visits, and offering early-year dental students the chance to shadow clinics in their local areas are integral components of our approach. By not just expressing our commitment through words, but also demonstrating it through actions, we aim to showcase why the Kids Dental Brands family of clinics is the ultimate choice for those seeking to deliver high-level, compassionate care to families across the country.