We go beyond mere contributions; we actively engage in volunteering and make a tangible difference in the communities we serve and around the world.

KDB Gives Back To Community


We go beyond mere contributions; we actively engage in volunteering and make a tangible difference in the communities we serve and around the world


C4C Donation

Kids Dental Brands offices are committed to not only providing quality dentistry for the local communities, but also being a good neighbor as well. As a result our offices are actively engaged in all the normal community activities such as toy, food, diaper, clothing drives. Most responsible companies participate in these type of activities, but we encourage our teams to get more involved in ways that have a lasting effect on the community. So whether it is the office volunteering for Habitat for Humanity or adopting families over the holidays provide meals and gifts helping them have a more festive and happy holiday season. Most of this is done without any attempt for recognition, but rather simply the satisfaction of helping others in need.

But our staff go above and beyond simply participating in office sanctioned activities. For many, volunteerism is woven into the fabric of their character. We purposefully seek out individuals that have compassion in their DNA. Several of our doctors participate in local free dental days like Missions of Mercy, but others travel the globe to bring dental care to impoverished counties that otherwise would not have access to dental care. Others spend their weekends and evenings volunteering at their churches or schools.

Whether big or small, Kids Dental Brands wants every member to be involved in organizations and causes that they are passionate about and help make a difference in their communities.

Jackson Water Crisis

Jackson, MS experienced a water crisis in 2022 that dramatically limited their water supply. For many residents, they had no access to water at all. That meant not only could they not drink water, but they couldn't do things we take for granted like bathing, washing dishes, or laundry. Other residents did not have access to safe water to drink. As expected, supplies of bottled water were depleted, leaving many without access to water. More often than not, these were the most vulnerable oof the community.

While there were government programs to provide water to these residents, there were distribution challenges and long lines. Our Mississippi Smiles offices decided they had to do something to help their neighbors. The Jackson community relations team worked with the other offices to develop a plan to secure as much water as possible from other cities in Mississippi, but also from neighboring states. They rented U-Haul trucks and proceeded to purchase as many 5 gallon and cases of bottled water bottles as the trucks would hold. They then drove across the state filling every nook and cranny of storage space that the offices had with the water.

We then notified the public and let them know we had water available for their families. While we could have easily limited the distribution to our patients, we instead opted to make it available to anyone in need throughout Jackson. Needless to say there were lines in the parking lot and we went through several truckloads of water in a short period. As a result, our offices did additional water runs over the next three weeks until water became more readily accessible.