Supply Chain Support

We all discovered the importance of supply chain management during the pandemic when we went to the store to get toilet paper only to discover the shelves were barren. It is much the same for a dental or orthodontic office. Without someone managing inventory, it can become impossible to even perform a routine exam appointment.

KDB's Supply Chain team works as a bridge between each of the offices and suppliers to ensure each clinic has not only the medical supplies they need, but also general office supplies. By using the purchasing power of the entire collection of dental and orthodontic clinics in the KDB family, our Supply Chain department is able to leverage significant cost savings that go straight to the bottom line of an office's profitability.

They also streamline the purchasing process by developing efficient ordering systems, including online ordering. Often an office can forget they have supplies stored away in a closet and will order more than an office needs, driving up supply costs. Our department has developed systems of inventory management and controls to keep costs down leading to increased profitability, while being simple and quick for an office to utilize.